Investigations Corporation of America(ICA) is a full service investigations firm, which focuses on corporate, legal, insurance and personal investigations. Clients engage ICA to perform investigations for Pre-employment Screening and Complete Background Searches, Witness Locates, Due Diligence, Business Intelligence, Workers Compensation and General Liability Defense and Fraud, Theft, Title VII Workplace Investigations, Undercover Operations and Surveillance.


Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Tailored backgrounds. Streamline processes. Flexible Ordering and Delivery Methods. ICA offers fast and convenient service. ICA uses up-to-date database technology to bring you the highest quality research available.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each new client is partnered with their own personal account manager who spends quality time working with them to better understand their internal procedures & their business needs. We then custom design our services to best fit those needs.

Better Hiring Decisions

Comes not only from making better hiring decisions and thereby avoiding a ‘bad hire’, but also from allowing ICA to obtain, interpret and compile all available information into one convenient report. Turnover can be costly, so we help you hire smarter.

Our Services:

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