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As the private security industry continues to move toward technology, SEI, Inc. is committed to helping our clients understand and integrate technology as most appropriate for their individual needs. Not every client needs or wants all of the bells and whistles, so our primary focus will remain in professional uniformed security officers. However, we are expanding our knowledge base and capabilities on a daily basis to ensure every client can depend on us for their One Source Security Partner.


    • Uniformed Security Officers
    • Alarm/Emergency Response
    • CCTV Design & Installation
    • Mobile Security Patrols
    • Physical Security Surveys
    • Consulting & Risk Analysis
    • Security Awareness Training
    • Mobile Surveillance Units
    • Gunshot Detection Units
    • Background Screening Services
    • Special Event Security
    • IT Risk Analysis
    • Investigations
    • Corporate Security
    • Drone Surveillance
    • Automated Robotic Patrols
    • Travel Risk Management
    • Radar Perimeter Monitoring

    Incorporated in 1993, Security Engineers has maintained a strong commitment to providing the most experienced management available to ensure an unparalleled quality of security service for the communities we serve. By developing professional management teams who possess a broad array of experience from law enforcement, military and the private security industry; Security Engineers is uniting the public and private sector in uniquely innovative ways.

    Security Engineers’ Mission is to:

    • Accept responsibility for our decisions and our employees
    • Aspire to the highest level of excellence in our industry
    • Set goals which will ensure positive growth
    • Develop new areas of service to meet the challenges faced by our clients
    • Keep our promise to clients through a commitment to our employees
    • Build key relationships within our communities by donating time, money and resources to public and private organizations

    We have established progressive standards, which are detailed and structured, applying equally to every operation within our footprint — currently thirteen offices throughout the Southeast. This way every client can be assured their needs will be met in the most efficient, cost-effective manner available without cost cutting that would jeopardize safety or quality of service.


    • Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention —
      Crisis Prevention Institute Training
    • Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder

    • Workplace Violence Awareness Training

    • Self Defense Training
    • Security Mindset

    • Emergency & Safety Series

    • Confrontational Behavior Management

    • Homeland Security Awareness Level Series

    • Personal Safety — Female Self Defense Training

    • Bomb Threats and Other Threat Assessments

    • Violent Person Management Training —
      PPCT Training

    • Specialized Bank and Financial Institution Training

    • SHARP — Sexual Harassment
      and Rape Prevention

    • Blood Borne Pathogens Training

    SEI’s client-specific training is the best in the business and has been delivered to untold thousands of end-users — increasing the education, preparedness and effectiveness of communication between client personnel and their security staffs. SEI is a leader in the private security industry in delivering concise, practical, engaging and entertaining courses on workplace violence, hostile intruder/active shooter training, security mindset and confrontational behavior management.

    As a part of our ongoing partnership we make certain our clients and their personnel have access to custom Client-Level Training Programs. Many of the programs normally taught to Security Officers have augmented “sister-programs” that are taught to Corporate Personnel or other employees. Audio/visual classroom instruction, testing and live-fire firearms training for our clients are all conducted at the SEI, Inc. Corporate Office and Training Facility located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. If you are not located near Birmingham, one of our ASRB CT2 certified NRA Law Enforcement firearms instructors can come to you. 

    HOSTILE INTRUDER/ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING (One of our most popular Client-Level Training Programs)

    Security Engineers is a leader in the private security industry, providing sound training focused on hostile intruders and active shooter situations. By breaking down the Department of Homeland Security’s “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol, our Hostile Intruder/Active Shooter class highlights tangible opportunities to prevent and respond to worst case scenarios. This is one of the most popular courses taught to client personnel. OHSA considers Workplace Violence preparedness as part of the obligation of companies under General Duty Clause 2. While these sorts of situations are rare, once they happen it is too late to prepare for them. The goal of the Hostile Intruder/Active Shooter training class is to create a “beehive mentality” where disconnected individuals operate from a singular focus without the benefit of organized, in-the-moment, direction.

    Please review the classes available and let us know if you are interested in having seminars or training sessions done for your company — either at SEI Birmingham or in your facility.

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